Welcome to Baja 2014

Welcome back Baja fans, I hope your summer was as fun as ours. It’s time to get back into gear for school and with our new captain, Chris Schoeny, we’re headed into the 2014 build cycle. As always, we plan to build a winning car and also a winning team. During our first meeting, we discussed multiple techniques that will be implemented to shape ourselves into better engineers, such as taking more detailed notes of each part of the car and using 6 Sigma’s DMAIC to break down the problems more directly.

The Rulebook for this year was recently posted: http://www.sae.org/students/2014_baja_rules_8-2103.pdf – Hope that’s an enjoyable read for those who are interested.

For those who weren’t at Fridays meeting, don’t worry! The year has just begun, feel free to stop by our office and leave your contact information. There’s brilliant chances to learn whenever you are here. Currently, our meetings are Friday at 5pm but is subject to change as the semester goes on. Hope to see you there.

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