Baja Trip to The Cliffs 9/8/13

Hey Everyone-

Just wanted to give you a quick status update on the Baja team.  We are prepping for an awesome competition year!  Team leads are settling into their new positions and our team members are ready to create a robust design for the 2014 competition.

This past weekend we took the 2013 Baja to The Cliffs Insane Terrain for some testing.  As usual, we had a blast!  A nice mix of seven new and old members went.  The off road park was pretty quiet and we arrived earlier than we usually do, which meant each member had plenty of time to drive.

This was my first time driving the 2013 Baja and I feel like it was a really solid design with multiple improvements over the 2012 car.  Our team members are learning a lot from prior cars and we can only go up from here.  I am really excited to see what we will produce during this competition because I think we have amazing potential.

Hope you enjoy the attached pictures!


Michelle Sentevski

UIC Motorsports Treasurer


20130908_103821 20130908_104641 20130908_105909 20130908_110149 20130908_112403 20130908_084258


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