Starting the Design Phase Off Right

Hey SAE Fans, this has been a dynamic start to the year. Our recruitment of new members proved fruitful; almost 20 new members have come to join our society. For Baja, to keep all our members and projects organized, we divided the team into 5 with each group working on a different subsection of the car and each with a team lead. We have  suspension, being lead by Juan Pablo Guzman, steering and brakes being redesigned by Michele Sentevski, drive train headed by Eric Breitbach and Octavio Molina and driver utilities being started up by your’s truly, Taha Tayebali. The fifth team, working on the frame, has yet to have a lead designer.

In other news, this past weekend, we took the Baja to the Cliffs,details for the trip is highlighted in Michelle’s earlier blog. For those looking for a place to go ride dirt bikes or ATVs over the weekend, visit for more information.

Though it is always fun to off road, our trip was purely educational. We were able to test the car’s repaired suspension as well as test our new members.

Stay tuned, I hope to keep you informed of our events and any major developments.

– Taha Tayebali

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