Last Test Session of Season at Autobahn Country Club

The last weekend of October marked the last test session of the year at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet.  We had a successful runs of the skidpad and slalom.

We had an eventful day discovering problems with the fuel system and cooling systems and ending the day with a bang by spinning a rod bearing and braking a wheel hub.  Braking things is what testing is all about.  When the snow melts we’ll have improved designs ready and ww’ll hop back on our feet stronger than ever!


Words cannot express how grateful we are that the Autobahn Country Club  let’s us test on their facility in a safe and controlled environment!

Thank You!

1028-ACC3-1 copy

Thanks to Cosmin Milas for capturing this gem^^^!


1028-ACC3-2 copy 1028-ACC3-3 copy


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