SAE Appreciation

This previous week, UIC’s amazing faculty hosted UIC Motorsports dinner. Our very own Dean of Engineering, Peter Nelson, attended. After seeing us at the Chicago Auto Show, he wanted to let us know what a wonderful job we are doing in this society. His words, not mine.

Professor and department head, Farsad Mashayek, had prior engagements. But, still managed to stop in to say a few words.
Professor Kenneth Brezinsky, our Faculty adviser, made it just in time to cut his birthday cake. Which birthday? We respectfully avoided asking. He likes to joke about how as his role as adviser, he advises. But after all these years, I believe he has forgotten how much we have to thank him for.
And We would be fools to forget Stacie Scott, Interm Undergraduate Coordinator, and Evelyn Canacho, Department Head Assistant. Because god knows, they never forget us.

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