UIC Motorsports is Growing!!

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The start to this year has been amazing so far (aside from classes that is).  The society has been very active in the last three months with events, designing, collaborating and thrashing.  We have been a part of a few of UIC’s events, along with a bunch of our own such as auto-crosses, car shows, tours of nearby company factories, and attending trade shows like IMTS (Industrial Machining Technology Show).  All of this could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team, and especially our new members.  At our recruiting meeting we had upwards of 140 potential members show up! It hasn’t quite been tallied how many of them stuck with it, but our member list is at 90 members.  With this growth comes great responsibilities, and our more experienced members have really stepped up  to the challenge of keeping everyone busy and on task. Already we have done just as many events as we did last academic year, not to mention all of the designs for the major systems are either finalized or on the last steps of being finalized.  We are on task, but still have lots of work to be done.  Next is the manufacturing process, which will begin during Christmas Break with hopes of having the car on the ground and running by middle to end of March.  So stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to like and share on Facebook and Youtube! Tell everyone about us, cause we are the next trending thing, the cat’s meow if you will.


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The masses have gathered for the Formula meetings!!!  No room in the office?  Why not have the meeting in the loading dock?  Problem solving at its finest.