Baja SAE is an amazing and unique opportunity for students to be involved in an innovative engineering design and build process that focuses on real world appli- cations. Industry support is a highly integrated part of Baja SAE. Cliffs-WP-2Without it, UIC Baja SAE could not exist.

Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read our brochure. Our hope is that you and your company are able

to expand your knowledge about the University of Illinois- at Chicago (UIC) – Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) Baja Team, the competition that we participate in, and the different sponsorship opportunities that go along with our engineering team.



Innovation is strongly emphasized through the wide range of freedom each team is allowed to take with their designs. During the design evaluation, each team is critiqued by a panel of industry professionals who give the students a chance to defend their design with supporting analysis.

Cliffs-WP-4The Compeititon

Baja SAE is an international engineering design competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The competition challenges students to design, manufacture, test, and race an offroad mini Baja vehicle. The competition is interna- tionally regarded as one of the most rigorous colle- giate competitions. Today, Baja SAE’s presence is growing worldwide with over 8 competitions and over 200 participating universities.


To replicate actual engineering design production, each team must present a detailed manufac- turing and cost analysis that includes a feasible business plan to commercialize the prototyped design.


Baja SAE encourages our student members to challenge the classroom engineering concepts they’ve learned and Cliffs-WP-3turn it into a unique inter- disciplinary design. In order to be a truly effective engineer, one must take their classroom knowledge and physically apply it in a way that improves their critical decision making capabilities.

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