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About UIC Motorsports

We are a SAE affiliated team at University Of Illinois At Chicago. The SAE team formed over 40 years ago where we built and competed in Baja, Fuel Efficiency and Solar. Currently we offer Baja and Formula. We complete nationwide with hundreds of other schools.

Our Vehicles


The formula vehicle is our fastest and most complex vehicle we build. Competing with teams from around the world at events to prove who has the fastest, most reliable vehicle.

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Baja is our off road vehicle. It must survive a 4 hour off road race while 100+ other vehicles are on the course. Competing with teams from all over the world, the teams prove which car is the most reliable and resilient to the rugged terrain.

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Our Design Process

Problem Definition

Where we try to understand what the requirement is in the design by casting the design problem in terms of objectives to be achieved, constraints that must be satisfied, and functions the design must perform.

Conceptual Design

Generating or creating design concepts. We select the possible designs using morphological charts. Then we select the design by using metrics that we select. This eliminates designs that are not viable.

Design Communication

We communicate in oral presentations, written documents, and technical drawings. It’s incredibly important to communicate designs to other teammates and manufactures for parts can be made precisely and effectively.

Prototyping and Proofing the Design

Using SolidWorks, we are able to create 3D prototypes parts for the vehicles. Testing size and fit, and analysis of the strength of the component before final manufacturing.

Engineering Economics in Design

We have to meet cost-related targets. It is essential we understand how to estimate and manage the cost or our design work, so we can create a cost-effective vehicle.

Design for Production, Use, and Sustainability

Our cars are expected to be produced and we must show judges how efficient, reliable and sustainable our vehicle is.

Our University

University Of Illinois – Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago or UIC is a state-funded public research-intensive university located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Its campus is in the Near West Side community area, adjacent to the Chicago Loop. The second campus established under the University of Illinois system, UIC is also the largest university in the Chicago area, having approximately 29,000 students enrolled in 15 colleges.

UIC operates the largest medical school in the United States, and serves as the principal educator for Illinois’ physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physical therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. UIC’s medical school has research expenditures exceeding $412 million and consistently ranks in the top 50 U.S. institutions for research expenditures.

Our Stories

UIC Motorsports is a student organization that is like no other. The students are tasked to research, design, manufacture, test and race both Baja and Formula vehicles. This is our story of our challenges and successes through out the year.

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