Blizzard Baja 2017

  This Saturday, Saturday, Saturday the UIC Baja team will compete in BLIZZARD BAJA, a grueling winter race hosted by Michigan Tech University. After...

UIC Motorsports at the 2017 Chicago Autoshow

From February 11th to the 20th UIC Motorsports will be at the Chicago Autoshow! Come find us in the South Hall across from Acura!
blizzard win

Spring Update 2016

2016 has arrived in full force. Front and center on our plate right now are two annual events that attempt to showcase what we...
Baja Maryland Competition

Baja Maryland Competition

After countless hours, numerous all-nighters, and the dedication of dozens of individuals, we found ourselves on the road to this years Baja competition in...
Chicago Motoworks Website

Motoworks Chicago Sponsorship

Big shout out to Motoworks Chicago for donating a $100 gift card to their store. This will help us get a bigger range of...

What Would We Do Without the UIC Machine Shop?

For most, Monday mornings are the start of another dreadful week.  Not for us!  We hustled up early Monday morning and swept up the...

UIC Motorsports is Growing!!

The start to this year has been amazing so far (aside from classes that is).  The society has been very active in the last...


Our first day at the Formula competition in Lincoln Nebraska was dedicated for tech inspection.  After several ours of baking in the sun our...

Left Our Mark

When most people think of the Society of Automotive engineers the first thing that probably pops into mind is mechanical engineers.  Yes, the majority...

SAE Appreciation

This previous week, UIC’s amazing faculty hosted UIC Motorsports dinner. Our very own Dean of Engineering, Peter Nelson, attended. After seeing us at the...