About our Formula Team

The Formula team designs, manufactures, tests, and races a custom single-seat Formula racecar. The car undergoes engineering and project management to manage complexity of the car to perform at its absolute best. With a fresh design in 2021, the future is looking bright.


Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm

728 W. Roosevelt Rd., RRB Chicago, IL 60607

Meet Our Formula Team

Antonio Salerno

Formula Captain

BS in Mechanical Engineering

“Build a good team, and the car will build itself”

Benjamin Hawkinson

Team Principal

MS in Mechanical Engineering

“Who needs a wing when you have a bhawki6”


(Left): UIC RedBull representative stopped by to support our Formula team for the long late hours we spent working on the car

(Below): Production season 2022 – 2023

Making sure our car is ready to go for the 13th Blue Devil Motorsports Grand Prix at LTU


Contact us:

Email: society.automotive.engineers.uic@gmail.com


UIC Makerspace

728 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60607

Professor Jonathon Komperda

Faculty Advisor

Email: jonk@uic.edu

Mohamad El-Saghir


Email: melsag2@uic.edu


Amaan Hussain

Vice President

Email: ahussa52@uic.edu