Formula SAE is an amazing and unique opportunity for students to gain experience in real world engineering challenges. The experience is not only exclusive to students, companies have also been an integral part of Formula SAE.

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Innovation is strongly emphasized by allowing teams a wide range of freedom with their designs. Designs are evaluated by industry professionals and students are asked to defend their design decision with supporting analysis.

The Competition

Formula SAE is an international engineering design competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The competition challenges students to design, manufacture, and race a formula (open wheel) race car. The competition is internationally regarded as one of the most rigorous collegiate competitions. Today, Formula SAE’s presence is worldwide with over 8 worldwide competitions and over 200 participating universities and those numbers continue to grow.


To simulate the most realistic business and engineering challenges, students must present detailed manufac- turing and cost analysis that coincides with a business plan in order to take concept to commercialization.


Formula SAE requires students to apply their classroom knowledge towards a real world product. Students also seek additional education to help improve the skills and knowledge necessary to create the most competitive design.